What is transform 42 inc?

Transform 42 Inc is a consulting firm that focuses on adding value to organizations through emerging technologies and concepts.

We do this through realignment of people, processes, and technologies to meet an organizations strategic goals.

How does this create value for our clients and their customers?

  • Greater operation insights resulting on cost savings.
  • Customer Insights from multiple sources leading to greater relationships and retention.
  • Value stream realization between the business and customer.
  • Implementing emerging technologies to create a competitive advantage.

what is digital transformation?

This is no official or agreed upon defintion of what Digital Tranformation is.

It’s far more than just the application of technology to solve problems.

It is not becoming or even saying you’re agile.

It is not being a totally online business.

Very little of a Digital Transformation is digital.

The definition of Digital Transformation at Transform 42 Inc., is the realignment of people, process and technology to meet an oganizations strategic goals.

digital transformation explained

People, Process, and Technology must connect to the strategy of the organization.

People are the most important part of Digital Transformation.

Value can only be co-created when the needs of the customer align with the business. Digital Transformation ensures that value can be realized early.

Bad process and untrained people lead to faster failure in technology.

why does digital tranformation matter?

  • The world is connected and the amount of data that could be leveraged for companies who need it do not.
  • Companies need to move faster and with greater purpose, however without real time data driven decision making that becomes dangerous to the future of the company.
  • A company with “Digital DNA” can change nearly as fast market contitions do.
  • Customers become part of the value stream through shorter feedback loops, leading the customers who not only love but need your business.
  • Digital Transformation allows for faster implementation of new and more advanced technologies which make businesses more competitive.
  • The need for collaboration is increasing within the business, its partners, vendors, and customers.
  • Digital Transformation gives businesses the ability to scale in any direction with less risk and cost.